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April 20, 2008

Reality of truths.

Truth is subjective, and Reality is objective.

Many persons are confused. They are in search of an objective truth. They will never get it. Truth is unique to each person, and is dependent on one's perspective. Just as a mountain climber sees different scenes at different heights. Everything he sees is the truth, at that particular level. If you understand this well, then you would realize that all perspectives and opinions are valid, because all of them represent the truth. This is a Reality, because, this is born out of a realization of the fundamental nature of the way things are. This has no dependence on the person's perspective, because, this is not a perspective at all, but a realization. And anyone whose mind has opened up to this understanding, will gain this realization. It therefore is not person-specific, and hence, is "objective". It is objective, because, it is independent of the subject.

An implication of this is that when a person says "you are wrong", it suggests that he hasn't understood the reality of truths. Nobody is wrong in stating his/her opinion, unless he/she is untruthful while doing so. Opinions can be incomplete, but not untrue. A person who believes in the existence of a non-existent objective truth looks for truth outside. Such a person will claim any opinion that doesn't tally with his own as "wrong". He is often immature in dealing with different opinions he may get from others. In worst cases, he may become a fanatic of his own world view, expecting others to accept it implicitly. Such faulty understanding of the nature of truth is one of the chief causes of discord between people in different situations - home, office, religion and spirituality.

Most intellectuals will agree to what is written above, but they often do not understand that achieving a perfect understanding of the difference between Truth and Reality requires a great deal of maturity. Their knowledge is merely theoretical or hearsay, and not experiential. Thus, they too fall victims to the very vice they vehemently condemn. We can see many such persons in the literary world.

A person who understands the reality of truth not only knows how to distinguish between Truth and Reality, but is also tolerant and accommodating of all truths. He is compassionate towards those whose opinions are different or less complete than his own. Such a person will often encounter people with incomplete opinions, because of the fact that he would have most probably crossed those phases himself. He is willing to supplement and improve the other person's perspective, and thus make the opinion more complete. At the same time, he is also willing to change his opinion whenever he encounters a better opinion or perspective than his own.


Blogger Kaveri Yamuna said...

"Reality of Truth" is an astute view in general aspects adapted by most in this world. Though knowledge and informations are vastly available, yet the old regime of thoughts still prevail.
A good narrative.


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