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July 31, 2006

Hi again

I know I haven't blogged for a long time, and so I have decided to post something here, which seems so dead. As it is there is no work for anyone of us in the office today, and so, here I am, blogging.

The last post I made was on June 24th, and since then, a lot have changed. People would say that my life has changed, but I wouldn't. My life is just the same. Except that more parts of it have become uncovered.

June 3oth was the last night I spent in my room at IIT. I took the morning Shatabdi to Bangalore on 1st July to have a one-and-a-half day long vacation. On 3rd July, I reported to my office, and since then, my life has moved into a new phase - that of a working professional who pays tax to the government, and cribs about how the money he pays as tax fills the coffers of all politicians.

I work at Modelytics, and the office is at Richmond Road. On most days I have traveled by bus. Unlike popular misconception, I find traveling by bus extremely comfortable. The crowd in the BMTC buses is quite manageable, and one often gets enough space to breathe, and not smell the armpits of those around. Further, it takes me just 1.15 hrs in the morning and less than an hour in the evening to make my trip. Considering the traffic on Bangalore roads, a bus is the best option if I have no other place to visit during the day. Perhaps, if the government opened up transport sector to private operators, people would then be able to take buses to office, which would greatly reduce the number of vehicles on these roads. Anyway, let me not digress into Bangalore's infrastructure. There is so much I have thought about it, and so much I keep thinking about it, that it is best I don't start off on it. So, I leave it there.

Work for me is fun. Got to learn SAS, and a lot of techniques on excel. Yes.. our old friend MS-excel. A lot of graph plotting needs to be done in excel, and most of my time has been spent on this. Not to forget Powerpoint too. Got some good experience in the last one month on making slides. Apart from these valuable experience, there has been some introduction to all business and finance jargon. Thank God, not much of management jargon.

Sometimes, when I think of the work I do, and its relevance in the overall scheme of things, I feel like laughing. I can't make head or tail of anything. It is all so funny. Everyone and everything is running around in a mad frenzy for absolutely nothing. And the ones who run the most, the fastest, and make the largest number of circular trips are the men in the field of finance and business. Looks like I will be one of them soon.

Meanwhile, days passed, and towards end of the month, made a trip to Chennai for the Convocation. We went by car, and it was a thouroughly enjoyable trip. IIT finally placed a kick on my rear end and said "Here you go.. don't come back again", and I gleefully replied "As if I want to". With two degrees now, the world officially has added one more adjective to this entity called Ramasubramanian - a graduate. And the world congratulates me. While I accept every congratulation with a smile on my lips, I wonder why they are congratulating me. I cannot understand that at all. For the record, there are about 28000 men and women who have passed out of IITM alone. I haven't done anything great, have I? Anyway, that's the way of the world. It congratulates for no reason, cries for no reason, idolises for no reason, and condemns for no reason. All part of a giant drama in life.

Just as the convocation hulla-bulla quitened down, the first salary hulla-bulla began. People started congratulating me for this now. Again I wonder. Why?? Everyone who gets a job will eventually get a salary. Anything strange in it? I don't see any. But people see it as a reason to celebrate. Wonder if it is an excuse for them to buy sweets and eat. We are so funny. Even to eat sweets, we seem to need some reason, some occasion. We can't just go walk into a confectionary and eat sweets whenever we want, because if we eat them for no reasons, then we add too much calories to our body, and it is a health hazard. But if there are enough occasions and reasons to celebrate, then eating the same sweets aren't a health hazard.

Anyway, with the first salary, an electric rice cooker has been bought for my grandmother who had expressed her desire for the same to be bought from my first salary long back. There is a big shopping list I have in front of me. Got to buy gifts for all TD & H. Shirts/trousers/veshtis/shoes/watches are some of the popular options. God knows what all I would have to buy. Anyway, since this is the only first salary, all this is ok. God has always given me enough. So, let them have it.

Oh, I forgot one thing. I managed to get a learner's license to drive a geared vehicle and a car. This happened after years of mom's pestering combined by necessity to have a license. Am planning to buy a bike, most probably a Honda Unicorn. Some formalities are delaying its arrival. May be by 10th August, I will have one. You might be wondering why I am planning to buy a bike. That's because there are times when I feel like going somewhere else too. So, a bike would be useful then. I am planning to use the bike to come to office only on some days. On other days, it will be bus as usual.

What else... yeah.. this morning I registered with the gym near my house for fitness training/weight reduction/body building. Starting off from tomorrow. Lets see how much of the embarrassing flab can I throw off in the coming days.

There is a lot more... but I am beginning to feel guilty of wasting my office hours for blogging. So, will stop now, and get back to reading some documents.


Blogger nandu said...

A gym--about time

Blogger Elantric said...

ya dude , u r driving in the right dirn .. the license and the gym . wish u good luck !

Blogger Siri said...

congratulations on the double degree. and of course the first salary. :P
No treats for readers of ur blog or what?? :)
Congratualtions again and alll the best for everything

Blogger pushkala said...

so u still remmeber there is smething called a blog to pay attention to!
mogambo kush huaa!


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