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June 23, 2006

Reality bites.

Reality bites because we ignore it all the time, and it gets irritated with us for ignoring it, and so to remind us that it exists, it bites us.

But we get bitten, nurse the pain of the bite, and get back to ignoring reality


Blogger Atma-Quest said...

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Blogger Atma-Quest said...

Reality bites because it is its duty to bite. Irrespective of whether you ignore it or tend to it it will bite. Intelligence lies in realising the cause for the bite, and working on it, at the root level. So you don’t get bitten for the SAME cause again.

Blogger pushkala said...

Rama .... realities are of two kinds...
one which heals so perfectly that we forget the reality!
and the other which heals well.. but leaves a mark that stays behind as a constant reminder of that crude reality!

again with number of mark removing creams flooding the market.. we do have the option of choosing the reality we like to be reminded of!

check out my blog raamaa ..the post tussle amongst thoughts ....c if u can get the other meaning of that post!



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