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February 18, 2006

Freeing the Mind

Human beings have constantly sought freedom. Generally, people seek deliverance from pain and suffering. Therefore, they seek refuge in a religion, or some philosophy. In their pursuit to be relieved from depressing thoughts, they fill up their minds with thoughts that are 'liberating'. But, they find it hard to see that they have just changed the interiors of the cell in which they have been imprisoned, made it more beautiful and pleasing, to give them a false sense of freedom.

But true freedom is when the mind has been freed of all thoughts. The only way I see that happening is when the mind is brought to a natural state of silence. Meditation therefore becomes extremely important.


Blogger bharath said...

hmmm. yenna dhideer vedantam? I have been meditating regular for ages now. We had to do during school days and i still continue. its very refreshing to say the least.

Blogger pushkala said...

ram.. this is one of the most toughest job i ever took up ..silencing mind..
i dont aim in liberating the mind out of thoughts that depress me .. rather look out to place my thoughts in order...
that never happens..
wat i get is chaos and more chaos!!!
meditation ku vera edo oru mystery element irukka enna??

Blogger arbit said...

Nice post...But we need a start, the start is gotten by getting good thoughts. Once that is acheived, we can go on to fewer thoughts and so on till a state of no thoughts is reached..Can't happen all of a sudden.

Blogger Atma-Quest said...

"But true freedom is when the mind has been freed of all thoughts"
Mind's purpose is 'thoughts', to think, to analyse ,to reason.
Maybe you can put it this way,
"But true freedom is when the mind has been freed of materialistic thoughts."

Blogger The Ignoramus said...


organisation can happen only by removal of the unwanted. remove the trash, and what is left is organised by itself


yes, u r right. good thoughts are better than bad ones.


if there are thoughts which are materialistic, then there are those which are non-materialistic too. How can freedom be total if you are not free from those thoughts as well? For, if we are still under the influence of those thoughts, then, we are still not free.

Further, I would like to mention that the materialistic-non materialistic distinction is superficial, and not really of great importance.

Anonymous Raja said...

I have to think on it. Then I will comment.

Blogger Siri said...

Cudnt agree more! but....i ahve been veryy unsuccessful with meditation till now! :(

care to give us a ll a few pointers in ur next post?

Blogger Chumma said...

Heavy stuf for the mind man !!! [:P]

Blogger Sangeeta said...

meditation is really good...very rejuvenating....


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