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June 06, 2006

Married for 30 years...

This is a conversation between me and someone else (called P), on YM. Found it interesting, and here it is, without any edits.

Me: are u alone at home?
Me: or is uncle back?
P: My, my. I am too old to take such hours. No S is here with me. She is enjoying her summer hols. Uncle is coming back on 13th June. His holiday (and mine) is over!
Me: oh i see
Me: idu enna kadai? (what is this?) if his hols are over.. so are urs?
P: Onnukku puriaddu. Kalyanam ayee 30 varusham anakku puriyum. (you won't understand.. you will if you are married for 30 years)
Me: adu seri (true)
Me: inda matter uncle ku theriyumo? (does uncle know this?)
Me: aana (but)
Me: avarum ide maari sollitu iruppar (he too will be saying the same thing)
Me: hahahaha
P: The secret of a successful marriage - separate vacations. I had a gala time - no routine, I ate any darn thing at any time. I hate to say this to a young boy, but husbands can be a lot of work.
Me: young men will probably become better husbands to their wives if older women share their miseries
Me: and mothers usually don't do that
Me: of course
Me: young people today are much better in grasping things
P: That little corner of the heart waiting for him has begun count down and is waiting for his return.
Me: wow.. is that not sweet?
P: It is a kind of relationship that is hard to understand. Have you seen couples that fight all the time but never ever considered separating?
Me: i haven't.. but i can imagine..
Me: they love to be with each other
Me: because they can never fight like that with anyone else
Me: they will surely miss those fights
P: The love to bark at each other.
Me: it is interesting to see that love can express itself in weird ways
P: So you can come on 13th and see the war of the worlds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute :)
esp. "young men will probably become better husbands to their wives if older women share their miseries" kudos to u 4 tht one and the sensitivity contained therein!

Blogger l'animatrice said...

"On my endless journey towards knowledge"- sounds familiar? Well, r u moving towards knowledge? A pity. Cos knowledge is but memory... and the past. Maybe your endless journey is not towards knowledge but towards the truth. Don't let urself be limited by the inherent restrictions of knowledge. What r ur reactions to this comment? I'm curious!

Blogger bharath said...

nice one. true about every household in india, i guess, that is where we score over the west.

Blogger Satya Smrti said...



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