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May 23, 2006

Reserved thoughts

There are times when one feels (I suppose others too feel that way at times) that they are witnessing a phenomenon of great historical significance. In our minds, events that happen in our lives over days and months together represent a pattern, that one realises that a few years later, these events will be considered a turning point in history leaving a significant impact on events that were to follow. The current hot subject on reservations and the government's hardening stance makes me feel just like that. As though I can see what the future will be a century from now.

No one can predict the future. But it is said "history repeats itself". The Jews were persecuted and driven out, and today, they have no place in their original homeland. A similar fate awaits a section of the society in this place which till now with pride I called India. But when I see the systematic persecution of a community, and the hate campaign that goes on against that community, it breaks my heart. It makes me wonder with deep sense of anguish whether there ever would come a day when men would be men.

Reservations is not about bringing the backward to the front. It is not about meritocracy. It is not about quality. It is not about making India a superpower. All these are false reasons given to justify and rationalise the deep hate that the majority have for a minority of the society. It is a matter of wonder that people in the minority have not been put into gas chambers, considering that such a practice was adopted in a part of the globe just about half a century ago.

I am tired. I give up. Screw this rotten world. Let them go to hell. I am off.. from here to a place where no such nasty thing exists. I want to love everyone, and to be loved by all. And in that lies my salvation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy to have found someone who feels the way I do in this issue... :)

Blogger Atma-Quest said...

"I want to love everyone, and to be loved by all."

To love is in you.
To be loved by all? Is Expectation. 'To give' is honorable 'to want'? an undesirable quality

Anonymous ghalib said...

hi... can understand the feelings...

personally dont share the feel of witnessing something historical here right now. but who knows what the turn of events may be... ?

true... we all want to love and be loved. this hatred is artificial, based on misconceptions and misinformation, and it's unfortunate that it exists.

am not sure if running away would do any good, though...


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