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August 07, 2006

4 months for a broadband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you believe it? Strange, but true.

When I went to apply for a BSNL broadband a few days back, I was told that it would take them 4 months to get the connection in place. Apparently, they have shortage of equipment. In a time when most private services offer the connection within a week, 4 months is as good as eternity. The only reason for people to go for BSNL is that the connection is good, and the rates are the lowest in the country. But, can they not provide connections fast?



Blogger Siri said...

Quite the scene in bangalore. Except for mainstream areas, exchanges at most places dont have equipment... Try airtel...Their rates/speed/plans are just as good!

customer care:


Blogger The Ignoramus said...

well.. Airtel doesn't provide broadband for West Bangalore.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It congratulates for no reason, cries for no reason, idolises for no reason, and condemns for no reason. All part of a giant drama in life.
Very true.
We dont need no celebrations (esp BDays), no treats, no funerals too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

no funerals*

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erm, the comments were for he previous write up.

Blogger Siri said...

Try Sify[If u stay anywhere close to Mysore road, thsi might even work] or indicom or reliance then.You can also try ur luck with smaller ops like Hathway or even check with ur cable operators.[i knw its useless but i can still give u all those Customer care numbers...I know them by heart]
I have been having the same problem,and for the past 3 months, ive been running around to every darned operator in town.
FUnny u say airtel doesnt operate!

Blogger Siri said...

and yes...dont believe BSNL dudes...The last tiem i checked, they said ki itll take a month before they issue new conns.
That incidentally is what they have been sayign since april. If they told u its gonna take 4 months, u can expect it to roll by the time ur children are in IITM

Blogger Wanderer said...

good tht u finally started blogging regularly, in spite of bsnl and their norms!


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