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November 08, 2006

Personal God.

An extract from a mail:

The idea of a personal god is of utmost importance in spirituality. One can never have any benefits by worshiping a thousand gods. There is only one God and hence, for each one of us, there should be only one God, who should be our own. This God can be any personality from the past, like Lord Krishna, or Shirdi Baba, or any living personality, as is with my case - My Master. The essence of God can be obtained only through the personal God, and pure love for that God. Through pure love, the God gets internalized in our hearts, and through that, we obtain the tatwa of God. Hence, these personalities are carriers of the essence of God, same way like capsules are carriers of the medicine. We take in the capsules, and the capsule itself dissolves later to release the medicine into the system. Similarly, through pure love, we internalize these personalities, who are subsequently dissolved in us to release the essence of God into us. It will not be possible to develop pure love towards more than one entity, and hence, we must have one and only one personal God. What eventually happens, after we get the essence of God is that we gain the capacity to love everything purely. But till then, we should focus only on one entity.

In today's world, the best is to have a living personality whom we can accept as our God/Master. I am fortunate in that aspect, and it is my wish many more are fortunate in a similar way. But if it is not possible to get one such living personality, developing more love towards Lord Krishna is recommended.

One thing is to know that we need to develop love towards these personalities. Another thing is to know how to do it. It is here that we stumble. Great souls are those who are able to cultivate this love automatically. But we ordinary people need to make some effort. Just because it is so, we should not lose our heart and think that it is not meant for us. Great souls are great in the current birth because they too underwent such struggles in their earlier births. It is just that in this birth we are going through what they went through earlier.


Blogger Manas_Buddhi said...

It will not be possible to develop pure love towards more than one entity, and hence, we must have one and only one personal God

GOD, takes the form we imagine, our mind accepts. In reality GOD is in all form/has no form.

If one can realise the multiple forms and that ultimately everything is one and the same, there is no reason why it should be impossible to develop love towards multiple forms, after all the acceptance of one form as 'GOD' is within our capacity. So accepting another form is also within our capacity. If it is in terms of ideology and conflict of interests, there is always a way to resolve conflicts.

A form in itself is just a convenience we give the mind, the mind that is so used to visualising everything.

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

i am not talking about accepting a form of GOD.. and I am not talking about any form of God at all.. I am talking about adopting one and only one personal God and loving that God.. accepting and loving are two entirely different things.. if you want any spiritual growth, mere acceptance is not enough.. love, or bhakti is needed.

Blogger Trespasser said...

"But if it is not possible to get one such living personality, developing more love towards Lord Krishna is recommended."

What if you have a living personality ? Then isn't love towards Lord recommended?

Blogger The Ignoramus said...


Well.. if you love the personality, it is as good as loving the Lord. One thing which we must understand is that a "personality" is one who has himself realised God. The difference between God and the "personality" is that that former cannot be seen, heard, spoken to etc., but the latter can be. In essence, the two are not different. Therefore, there is no question of "recommending" love for the Lord, because the Lord is no different from the personality.

In spirituality, once you have found the Guru (one who has reached the higher strata of spirituality), the Guru is everything.. this is what the sloka "Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu... " symbolises. It will be grave mistake to think that the Guru and the Lord are different. In fact, the Guru is everything.

To look at it in another way.. consider this: Suppose you were a contemporary of Lord Krishna, would He be your Lord or Guru? Think for a while. First thing is, it is not easy to realise that he is divinity personified. If in case you realise that, and love Him... are you loving the Lord or the personality? You are obviously loving the personality, because there is no Lord outside that personality. The very word "Lord" refers to a personality of an earlier era. It doesn't refer to the Prabrahman. Now, being a contemporary of Krishna, and having realised the divinity in Krishna, would you still love Rama? Would it not be a bit foolish to do that? Because, it is the essence of Lord Rama which is now present as Krishna... and if you continue to love Lord Rama, is your interest in the divine essence or in the outer covering of the divinity (which is the personality - Rama/Krishna/anyone else).

Similarly, if you have found a personality in today's world, there is no need to think of the personality of the past. Love the personality of the present, and it is equivalent to loving the personalities of all eras, because the essence is the same.

Blogger Manas_Buddhi said...

Why try to be like Buddha or worship Buddha when there is a Buddha within each of us.

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

Agree.. no need to try to be like him, or worship him. But if you want the Buddha in you to manifest itself, love that person in whom the Buddha in him/her has manifest itself.

Blogger Manas_Buddhi said...

The Buddha in you has to be awakened. That has no correlation with the fact that another person was able to invoke the Buddha in them.
Love the person who has been capable of invoking the Buddha within himself..yes
Any reason why you must not or can't love the person who is yet to/has not awakened the Buddha within him?

Ultimately everything is one and the same. Of same origin and of same end. What differs is the answer to few questions like how, when etc.

Anonymous John said...

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