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October 30, 2007

Blinded by Egoism

Last night, I was waiting my turn to get my bike's tank filled with fuel, with a 1000 rupee note in my hand to hand over to the clerk there. Another biker behind me asked me if I needed change, for which I said, "It's ok, they (the bunk) will have enough change", with a smile to acknowledge his consideration.

And it took me a minute to understand something... that he needed the 1000 rupee note. It's not important to know why he needed it, but it is important that he needed it. More important is that we are so obsessed with just our own needs and requirements that others' needs or requirements never crosses our minds. It never occurred to me that he offered change, because he wanted that note!


Blogger Suchitra said...

Why is it that our mind does not leap to the more comforting conjecture that the other biker had the change, saw you with a bulky sum in your hand, and just wanted to help you finish your process faster for no purpose other than that he wants to help you? Nope, we think that he might have needed the particular note, that he might have wanted to speed you up so that he could be processed faster, he wanted to get rid of the change in hs hand, whatever. Isn't such thought egoism by itself?

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

How can any thought about another person's intentions be egoism?

When you think of another person's intentions, it could be your presumption/assumption, which would then be your opinion or prejudice.

But, if a fact, as in this case, leads you to conclude something, then, it is not an opinion or prejudice. To that extent, you are not blinded by non-fact based opinion, but you are aware of the truth.

The first case, is not egoism, but the play of the ego (there is a difference). In the second case, ego is nowhere in the picture.

Blogger Vivek said...

hey man u have a nice way of luking at it....a kinda poking way i guess..anyway I like ur blogs...interesting to read and ur mind is clearly cut open.....

Blogger Leicester Tally said...

love it! so nice to see people who are alike.



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