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September 21, 2005

Perfect action?

A friend of mine and I were having a conversation yesterday, when we realized that when it comes to how we live, almost all of us are one of the following types:

  1. The planners – These people are always planning and looking forward to the next thing they are going to be doing. They always think ahead, and keep setting goals to achieve, and keep working towards that. To them that is life. They often do more than what is needed. But they miss out on a key component that enriches life – living in the present. They never have the time to enjoy the present moment.
  2. As opposed to the planners, they claim to live in the present. They are not too worried about what is going to happen tomorrow. They are usually laidback, do not set themselves big goals to achieve, and enjoy what they do. But they often end up not doing what needs to be done. Their life goes wasted due to lethargy and procrastination.

But there is a fine line of balance where we do everything we need to, without any lethargy and procrastination, but at the same time live life in the present moment, enjoying every bit of it. How do we achieve this balance? This is something to ponder over. May be, this is what is known as ‘perfect action’.


Blogger Vijay said...

Their life goes wasted due to lethargy and procrastination.

'Wasted'?? Who is to decide what amounts to 'waste' in this context? Taking a leaf out of your earlier blog on Slavery, don't you think we have been made to think of life to be worth something if and only if we have something to show? I'm only reminded of Milton's 'They also serve who stand and wait'!

Blogger jhgasuhvkjahklnsdlksnlknmlwvlckn said...

I once construed it to be more like a few planners and many more people living in the moment, all living, wanting to achieve their objectives, whether immediate por pre-empted, simultaneously agreeing on some things, simultaneously competing on other fronts.

Your picture is that of each person struggling with his subjectivity against something larger, or of someone who acquires objectivity through external events. Perhaps in Jungian psychology you could refer to these as the N-j and the S-p.

On the concept of "perfect action" - my question is about what is considered "perfect"? Though a fundamental question, it is intruiging to think that one man's need is another man's poison, as our wont allows.


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