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October 24, 2005


A bad teacher is one who believes that all students are useless.
An average teacher is one who can recognise the talent in the student, but do nothing to help it grow.
A good teacher is one who can help the talent in the student grow.
A great teacher is one who sees great potential in each student and nurtures each one of them, relentlessly, without losing faith in the student.


Blogger Siri said...

But the best teacher shall always be the "self"...fuelled by the all-important desire/need to learn.....

Blogger Octa said...

Is there anything BELOW a bad teacher? I believe most of the students are stupid dumbasses who would do more productive work to the society if they were bottled up and exhibited in a museum. I'll be the WORST prof, right????? :-D

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

yes octa...

you are absolutely right. lol.

Blogger pushkala said...

often u can be ur own teacher.. all the categories u ve said mite be applicabel on urself in this regard tooo!

Blogger Trespasser said...

The best teacher is one, who motivates and draws students to him/her. He teaches for the top 10% as well as for the bottom 10%. In short, he understands the student psyche.


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