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October 14, 2005

The Intelligent Nature

Have you ever wondered how intelligent Nature is? Ever paused to notice some of the beautiful mechanisms Nature has in place?

This afternoon, I noticed an army of ants in my room, making their way in through the window, and quietly marching their way to my cot. ANTS!!!! All of a sudden, an army of them into my room...for what purpose? Just yesterday I had discovered in my bag that mom had put some things for me to eat, and as usual, I had forgotten about it. My first concern on seeing this army was to ensure the safety of these eatables. Safe it was. What then is the target of this army?? I had no time to carry out this spy work, and so left.

When I returned, I noticed that the army was spread all over my cot. Cause for serious concern. With time at my disposal, I set to find out what exactly in my room interested these tiny creatures. I noticed that a huge population was there close to my pillow, and so removed everthing near the pillow (I have a few books, a photograph kept there permanently). What I saw at the end of this search first shook me with a feeling of disgust at what I saw - a dead lizard (do I see my lady audience going "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!"?). So that was it, a dead lizard.

After a while, it struck me that the lizard had already been half eaten. If only I had left it there, the army would have finished its job clean in a few more hours, and left as quietly as they came. The fact that the army marched in only today implies that the soul of the lizard departed its body very recently. How did these ants get to know there was a dead lizard in my room? Nature, in its intelligence, has told an army of ants which was placed no where close to the scene, to go and do the clean up job. And the army had just obeyed. There lies the beauty in Nature.


Blogger Phoenix-Revived said...


but, you are also part of nature! So you investigating and finding is again a part of nature!?

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

I may assume I am a part of Nature, but has Nature accepted me as part of itself?

Blogger Vijay said...

I have a question to ask and a point to make.

When you say 'Nature', are you referring only to that segment that we call 'biosphere'? Anyway, that's what your post makes me think. Good post yet again!

However, I suspect that there is more to the 'intelligence' factor that you've touched upon in your post. It goes much much beyond the biosphere ('Nature'). For example, the entire field of activity in what is known as 'mysticism', from what I perceive, is governed by a higher 'intelligence', higher than that which could be explained in terms of 'Nature's intelligence'; Spirituality, if you extend the logic, is to surrender yourself in such a way that you become a mere 'conductor' through which flows the highest form of 'intelligence'.

In all these instances, the term 'Nature's intelligence' will fall miserably short, if you understand what I mean. IMHO, it is but a mere subset of the Supreme Intelligence that we call God. And, as you've rightly brought out in your post, its simple wonders never cease to amaze us, however steeped in Philosophy/Spirituality we become!!

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

For your question: You can take it either way, because I guess the intelligence in the biosphere is just a part of that Supreme Intelligence which spans the entire cosmos, or they are just the same intelligence. There really is no difference between the two intelligence. The difference can possibly lie in what one understands by 'Nature'. If you see 'Nature' as biosphere, then you are having a limited view of Nature.

Spirituality, if you extend the logic, is to surrender yourself in such a way that you become a mere 'conductor' through which flows the highest form of 'intelligence'.


Blogger pushkala said...

plz..clean ur cot atleat once in two days,,,
lest should it turn into a grave yard for these creatures!
cleanliness is next to godliness yaa!!

Blogger jhgasuhvkjahklnsdlksnlknmlwvlckn said...

It is probably futile to use our limited understanding to understand nature, because nature is what is, and what we understand is what we make of it. Rest assured, we can always find some inspiration to correct our models of the world from what is. (since that is what we are trying to understand) It is all truly interesting, as you say.


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