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October 12, 2005

Navarathri Special Offer from Airtel

I have been getting an SMS from Airtel saying that if you are ready to shell out 50 bucks, they will perform any Pooja you want for your name at the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. All you need to do is send an sms specifying he pooja name and your name to them. What a beautiful concept!! This is so useful to all the busy, God-fearing, 'devoted' individuals who are stuck up in some corner of the world, far far away from the great Meenakshi Amman, but are craving for her blessings. What a wonder!! My heart-felt congratulations to Airtel for taking up this initiative to take God and religion to these hapless souls.

I am sure that one day it will be enough for you to send an SMS, get charged, and someone, somewhere will eat, drink, and sleep for you. You just don't have to do anything at all, but put your feet up in the air, chill, keep talking on your cell phone, sending SMS and MMS (not to mention sending some very interesting clips), and of course, sending them SMS periodically so that someone will eat.


Blogger pushkala said...

well.. ram...
let devotion atleast be from soul..
tehnology touching lives to make it easy is acceptable..
but technology in devation..
wat is it aiming at..
shortets and easiest way to salvation??
i pity ppl who are so technology dependent for soul oriented activities like devotion!!
i find it absolutely absurd!
did u send the msg for he pooja....
hpe u didnt use that!!

Blogger Akshaya Aradhya said...

"That's" y i am non-religious. Everything in this world has it's place. Technology is god(that's true, isn't it?!).....but it's not a portal to salvation. Marketing strats do work in this country. Those blood-hounds would be making huge profit margins by now....

As the saying goes:

"As long as fools exist, wise men can somehow get on...."

This also goes to all the idiots who attended "Freedom Jam" in B'lore..... it's the dance party , held on aug 15th so that u can make use of the freedom given by ur parents, spend money and get drunk. Now, beat that Mr.

p.s:It was a successful event.

Blogger Octa said...

50 bucks!!! :-o

Thats like 5 CDs... or 2 DVDs :o

Thats 8.7 GiB.... What the!!!! Instead of this bogus crap, I'd rather buy em DVDs, man!

My inbox has storage capacity for 15 smses.... This damn spam keeps clogging my cellphone (>_<)

I'm so pissed off I would actually consider paying that 50 bucks and praying airtel goes bankrupt for paining the bejesus outta me! :-D


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