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October 18, 2005

A nice write-up on Love

I came across this blog of Aparna, and I liked the following post in it very much.

Let me start from where I left in the comment of a related blog - "Perhaps this is a step toward conquering attachments (which are temporary and person specific) and replacing them with love (which is universal)" ... The concept of Love seems to mean so different to different people... There seems to be so much to do with the physical appearance in some definitions. What if the person is lame, ugly? Lets take it that it is the intelligence that matters then I should conclude that mentally ill people should not be loved. Thus it appears that love is not determined by the physical or mental being. Any person's identity comes from his/her unique mind-body combination. Assuming that neither the mind nor the body determines the object of love, we would conclude that love can not be person specific. If love exists then it is universal, else it is not love. Person specific love has something to do with attachments and will bring misery. This is because, what one is attached to is susceptible to change as is everything in this world... The greater the attachment the more difficult it becomes to detach and accept that change... Inability to accept the change brings unhappiness! So Love in its universal sense is the most important component in bringing happiness... One who knows to love will never be unhappy!!!


Blogger pushkala said...

as i alwys say .. luv is a unique feeling.. luv must always be within each of us...
when u start luving sme1 or smething .. it becmes objective..
an objective luv is never the true luv..
when the luv finds the rite person .. it starts addressing him or her or that ..
thats it ...
the luv should be there alwys!


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