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October 15, 2005

The Mysterious Nature

Another post on Nature, but this time talking about its mysterious ways. Barely few minutes back, I experienced the pain of my life, thanks to these mysteries.

Anything unusual about a guy having bath? No.
Anything unusual about someone who has finished bath to wear his clothes after that? No, I guess.
Anything unusual about someone who has worn them, and soon realises that he is experiencing strange pains inside his undergarments? Yes, I guess.
And anything unusual about discovering an army of ants inside the cupboard where there is no food kept? Definitely.

That's my story. What business do ants have in my cupboard where I have kept clothes? Now, don't tell me that the wife of the lizard that died yesterday (or the husband, as the case may be) dies today, without being able to stand the grief of separation. Oh, My God, I need to check that now. Strange really are the ways of Nature.


Blogger Phoenix-Revived said...

Push was right!
Clean your room LOL.
It is indeed strange that you are oblivious to ant invasion.

Blogger The Ignoramus said...

There is a limit to which you can clean your room, and my room is much cleaner than an average room in the hostels.

Blogger pushkala said...

ada paavi...
this is the height of untidiness...
mariyaadaiyaa..po poi ant powder vangindu vandu spread it across ur room..
clean ur room ya!
konjam clean pannu!!
nothing to lose!!

Blogger Trespasser said...

"strange pains inside his undergarments"

I did not know that undergarments felt pains or were even sensitive to touch. ;)


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